[Car audio newcomer] Subaru WRX RA-R by SOUND WAVE Part 1

Mr. Oyama, the owner who had a strong tendency to enjoy running with a sports model. However, after listening to the sound of the demo car at SOUND WAVE in Ibaraki Prefecture, I was fascinated by the audio. He created a system that plays back the sound he wants by selecting navigation and speakers one by one.

◆ Oyama, the owner, said that the driving-oriented owner

his driving direction when he was listening to a demo car. At that time, he never thought he would enjoy audio on his car.

“At that time, I was just driving on cars that weren’t audio because of the loudness of the muffler because of the emphasis on driving. However, in recent years, how to ride and choose cars has changed. It was when I went to SOUND WAVE to add security to the car I was riding on. “

When I went to the shop, I completed all the requirements, but then I decided to audition the shop’s demo car. I was interested in good sound, and I was curious to hear what the car was made of in earnest, but the sound was more amazing than I expected.

“When I listened to the demo car, I felt that the sound was floating in the space in front of me. I was surprised to hear the sound coming out of this place. I heard it, but the car was quite different. If I could hear this sound in the car, I wanted to make audio.

In the demo car listening experience, the owner decided to make full-fledged audio the next time he switched. But the opportunity comes unexpectedly early.

“Slightly after the audition, I was selected as the WRX limited car I had applied for. It was the car I wanted, and I decided to start the audio when I switched to this car. I decided to build the audio from scratch, starting with SOUND WAVE and starting the consultation after selecting the unit.

◆ In addition to high-quality navigation with an 8-inch large screen, owners
who choose a speaker that plays

their favorite sounds first thought about incorporating high-quality navigation into the system in order to make their cars sound good.

“I wanted a navigation system that could be used as an active service in five years, and I thought that a navigation system that can reproduce good sounds was the key to high sound quality.

The sound quality navigator that was selected in this way was the Diatone Sound Navi NR-MZ300PREMI. The WRX obtained by the owner was genuine and fitted with an 8-inch navigation, so it was difficult to choose a size of 8 inches or less, although it was a high-quality navigation, and the other models were not in my eyes. It has become. Next, the speaker was considered the key to higher sound quality.

“Next, I started looking for a speaker with good high-frequency performance. When I listen to music, I like good high-pitched treble, so I wanted a speaker that could play that sound comfortably. I happened to be introduced to Bram’s speaker, which was just released at the time, and the manufacturer’s demo car was coming to the store, so I decided to listen to it and decide. “

The owner who listened to Bram’s demo car that came to the shop in this way, “It’s really nice if you listen to it. I liked the way out of the high range, it was a straightforward sound and there was no dislike at all. The moment I heard it That ’s it! ”
Thus, the speaker was decided to be Brahm’s S165.100A / MG.

◆ Owner who chose navigation and speakers who like
ordering embedding the tweeter in the A-pillar and mounting for higher sound quality

. The next thing I consulted with the shop was the style of installation.

“I knew the style of embedding the tweeter in the A-pillar by looking at magazines and the web. I thought it was cool in design, and I wanted to do it myself if I made audio. There was n’t much hope, but it was an order from the shop that “I want to improve the sound anyway.” Deadening was also given, but the door was installed as an inner baffle. I decided to balance it. “

When the car was delivered, we ran for a while. Because it is audio-less, drive in the car without any sound during that time. Soon after, the installation at the shop started and the day of delivery came.

“I first heard the WRX sound on the day it was delivered, but it was just amazing. I didn’t listen to the original sound, but I realized it was really good when I heard it. The place where it comes from is high and the voice of the vocals can be heard clearly from the front.When I listen to this sound, I noticed that the genuine audio that was on the front was a lot of noise. I thought that the more I listened, the better I bought. “

The tweeter installation on the A-pillar, which was a long-awaited design, was better than expected. I feel that the color of the pillar has changed and the unity with the interior has become even stronger. I felt that the navigator and the speaker that I had chosen for various purposes were playing great sounds.

The owner of a highly satisfied audio system, the next part of the series will look at how to enjoy car life and music after installing audio.

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