Please before you watch “Terminator: New Fate”. A quick review of Terminator and Terminator 2

The best thing about “Terminator: New Fate” is that you can enjoy it even if you are not familiar with the previous terminator series. “Terminator” was released in 1984, and the sequel “Terminator 2” was released in 1991 . Later, “Terminator 3”, “Terminator 4”, “Terminator: New Startup / Genesis” were released, and even the TV series “Sarah Connor Chronicles” was produced. However, the latest work “Terminator: New Fate” is a legitimate sequel to “Terminator 2”, so it has nothing to do with later works.

James Cameron will return to production in the latest work, and Tim Miller of the movie “Deadpool” will serve as the director.

As it is important, I will tell you once again that “Terminator: New Fate” is a legitimate sequel to “Terminator” and “Terminator 2”. The frank impression of seeing this work is that there is no problem even if you don’t know the details of the past two works. But, for those who do not have the time to review the direction and the previous two works I have never seen the “Terminator” until now as “Terminator” and “Terminator 2” recap I will try and kidnapping.

Review of “Terminator”

“Terminator” is also the story of Sarah Connor . (Linda Hamilton, who played, returned to the latest work). In 1984, Sarah is a very ordinary woman who lives in Los Angeles. Suddenly, an artificial intelligence called Skynet sends a murder machine from the future (2029) to kill her. That machine is the terminator (I played Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also returned to the latest work).

Its feature is a skeleton-like titanium alloy machine (T-800), which is covered with the same material as human skin. Kyle Rees will come from the future before Sarah, who is attacked by such a terminator and is in a state of desperation . He is a soldier sent from the future to fight Skynet and protect Sara from the terminator.

Kyle tells her that Skynet wants Sarah’s death. Because in the future, Sarah ’s son, John Conner , will become the leader of the human resistance army against Skynet. I sent a terminator to stop it. So the future John Conner sent Kyle in 1984 to protect Sarah, her mother.

Sarah and Kyle fall in love in the movie, and eventually Kyle turns out to be John’s father. However, Kyle loses his life during the battle with the terminator. Eventually Sara escapes desperately, but uses the factory press to destroy the terminator.

In the last movie, Sara comes to an end on a journey to prepare John for the knowledge and skills to become a leader in preparation for “Judgment Day” where she will have a child and come to the future. It is not possible to proceed to smooth sailing, and it continues to the second work.

Review of “Terminator 2”

“Terminator 2” is set in 1995, 11 years after the first work. In this work, two new terminators will appear. The first is a T-800 model that looks exactly the same as the first one that tried to kill Sarah . The second is a T-1000 model made of liquid metal . Taking advantage of the characteristics of liquid metal, it changes its arm into a weapon such as a knife and attacks. T-1000 is a terminator sent from the future to kill John Conner (10 years old in this work). In contrast, the T-800 was reprogrammed by the human resistance army and is now a terminator who came to defend John.

John was taken over by his adoptive parents and lived. This is because John ’s mother Sarah was imprisoned by a doctor as a psychiatric patient in a police hospital 11 years ago. Meanwhile, John was not a boy who grew up as expected by his mother, and was a bad boy. Along the way, T-1000 was aiming for life, but T-800, who appeared there, was rescued from the crisis and headed for rescue to the police hospital where his mother was imprisoned.

After rescue, the T-800 will explain why the same thing is happening again and again. A company called Cyberdyne was the first work, and Sarah used the technology of the right arm that was left when the terminator was crushed with a press, and it was later found that it became a factor leading to the birth of Skynet. After Cyberdyne’s engineers Miles Dyson has produced the AI, such as the devil, of August 29, 1997, the day of judgment many by was also found that loss of life.

With the help of Miles, Sara, John and T-800 succeeded in destroying Cyberdyne, and T-1000 succeeded in defeating the fierce battle. In order not to repeat a tragedy like Cyberdyne again, the T-800, which has built a relationship of trust, will be dropped into the furnace in a hard time. As a result, all terminators are destroyed and the movie closes.


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